Hourly Arena Coaching


You can purchase hourly based gameplay with our professional arena coaches. Every one of our coaches has multiple rank 1 titles and are Arena World Championship (AWC) and Blizzcon competitors with years of coaching experience.

Coaching Services


Coaching services consist of you playing with top players in 2v2 or 3v3 rated arenas. Our players will teach you the secrets of the comp you will be playing and will help you become a better player. The true secret to improving your skills is playing with players who have more experience than you, as you will constantly learn from every single game. We entrust our coaches with patience and professionalism – ask them for tips and they are obliged to help you in their best possibilities! This is not just about queueing with great players. They will effectively enhance your understanding of PvP and you will notice the difference after completing your session.


Service Details


This service is time-based. Due to the nature of this service, we cannot guarantee you any rating. We have no idea about your skill level and you will effectively influence the outcome of the match even if you are playing with Blizzcon competitors, or winners! However, buying more hours should effectively increase your rating, unless you hit a plateau where you need more time to improve as your coaches might not be able to carry the game without your consistent help.


Service Process


After purchasing the service, we will keep you on hold until a team has accepted your service. This can take 10 minutes or even up to a day, or more in exceptional circumstances. We want to offer the best possible service, and as such we want to make sure we can find a reliable team that can play with you as soon as possible.

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