Piloted Arena Boosting



We will boost your character in a piloted (account sharing) arena session to your desired ranking.


Requirements / Rules

  • – Level 120 Character
  • – 330+ Item Level

Why should you buy an Arena boost for WoW?


Our prices are very competitive, and since you can customize your boost you pay for exactly what you want. Our boosting teams are made up of professional players who have reached R1 multiple times and have participated in Blizzcon as well as the Arena World Championships (AWC). This boost is a great way to get amazing gear every week.

Title (Rating)Weekly Item
Combatant (1400)365 ilvl
Challenger (1600)370 ilvl
Rival (1800)375 ilvl
Duelist (2100)380 ilvl
Gladiator (2400 + 50 wins)385 ilvl


How do Arena boosts for WoW work?

You are the one who decides the objective our professional boosters must reach. You let us know what your current Arena rating is and your desired rating. Since this is a Piloted (Account Sharing) service, our pro-boosters will play on your account until all the objectives you set are met.


What happens right after purchasing?

Once you have completed the payment, we will add you on Skype or Discord to begin coordination with you and your boosters to start the service as soon as possible.


Do I lose access to my account?

Even if this is an account sharing service, you will NOT lose access! This means the booster will access your account to play the character you want boosted,but he will not be online for too long. While the booster is on your account you cannot login. You can access the account while the booster is offline, and once the boost is completed you will regain full access to your account.

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