Piloted Powerleveling 100-120



We will boost your character in a piloted (account sharing) session from level 100-120 by hand (no botting).

Estimated Completion

Powerleveling by hand from 100-120 usually takes 3-5 Days.

What is Leveling?


With each new World of Warcraft Expansion the maximum level limit of characters is increased. This is known as the “level cap”. When World of Warcraft was released for the first time, characters were limited to level 60. Since it is a “hard cap”, no experience can be accumulated once you have reached the maximum level. Six expansions later, the level cap in BfA is level 120. When a new expansion comes out there is an immediate rush to be among the first to reach the level cap. This is not just because of a desire to show off, but also because a whole section of game content is restricted to players who have reached level 120.


Blizzard’s leveling boost.


With more recent expansions Blizzard has allowed players to buy a “Level X Character Boost” where X is the level cap of the previous expansion. For example, when Legion came out, Blizzard released a “Level 100 Character Boost” so players could get a character to level 100 immediately and rush into the new expansion. This is why Blazingboost only offers boosts from level 100 to 120. You can acquire a boost up to level 100 directly from Blizzard.


Staying away from Botters.


Make sure you do not purchase a leveling service from any company that looks suspicious about the completion of their service. One of the most important things you have to understand is that our players DO NOT USE BOTS to level your character up. Our boosts will rarely be completed over night because our players sleep and actually play by hand. However, they will definitely not go to bed until your service has been completed if you select one of our Super Express options!

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